Preserving Diamond Jewelry

preserving diamond jewelryWith their expensive price, investment value and representation of special moments in life, preserving diamonds is a must. Care of diamonds is actually not different than other gemstone. Below are just a few tips to preserve your diamonds.

Although diamonds are “undestroyable” and solid, but should be treated as if they were fine breakable chinaware or more delicate gems. This hardest stone on earth still can break away or scratch if you’re not careful. But the most threatening could be dirt, oil, and chemical substances from your skin, cosmetics, hair sprays and perfumes.

There are various ways to clean and store your precious diamonds. One of the simplest ways is by cleaning them with commercial jewelry cleaner that can be found easily in jewelry store. By using the commercial jewelry cleaner, you can either dip your diamonds or soak them in a tub that gives it an ultrasound bath. Other way to wash your diamonds is simply by using cold water and ammonia. These elements also work fine to dissolve any oils that gather on your diamonds.

Next step, you can use any soft brush like an eyebrow brush or kids toothbrush to clean in between the prongs of the setting. Remember to hold the diamonds by their settings only, and don’t touch the stones. If you’re cleaning them in the bathroom or wastage, an extra caution must be engaged. Be very sure to close the stopper on the sink! You surely don’t want to call your plumber just to find your lost diamonds.

There are also some traditional methods we can use to clean diamonds. Our grandmother might use mild toothpaste and soft toothbrush to clean diamonds. Rinse them under cold water, also using a soft brush to get any toothpaste particles from the gaps in between the stones and the setting. However, some experts do not recommend this since there’s still risk of scratching the stone. So if you choose this method, make certain it’s a low-abrasive. In other words, the best solution really is a commercial preparation or ammonia and water.

To dry the diamonds after the washing procecess, we can use a lint-free surface or towel.When you put your jewelry away, put it in a soft, velvet-lined box. Keep rings detach and don’t bump them in with all your other jewelry. This will help protect the setting and the stones.

Last but not least, your everyday behavior would determine the preservation of your diamonds. You shouldn’t wear your engagement and wedding rings all the time. For instance, don’t wear them when you are doing work that might cause them to knock against furniture, walls or other hard materials. Activities that include abrasive cleaning chemicals or solutions must be avoided while wearing diamond engagement or wedding rings. Also, when you travel with your jewelry, make sure it’s in a soft, lined jewelry roll or a case specially designed for jewelry.

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