Sapphire - September Birthstone

Sapphire - September Birthstone
Sapphire is one of the most precious and beautiful gems, prized since the Roman Empire for its deep blue color and its hardness. Sapphire is the birthstone for the month of September and the gem of the 45th wedding anniversary, and is one of the most popular gemstones in pendants, earrings, engagement rings and all kinds of jewelry thanks to its vivid color and its versatility.

Like most gemstones, sapphire has been attributed with a long list of healing and magical powers. Sapphires are said to:

* bring majesty, wisdom and nobility
* protect against evil thoughts
* enhance feelings of harmony, sympathy, and loyalty
* clarify creative thinking, intuition and problem-solving
* protect against poison, depression, and blood disorders
* inspire mutual love, constancy and trust

Sapphire is believed to bring respect, loyalty and faithfulness to a loving relationship

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